Monday, June 29, 2009

Monetary Gifts For Baby

Is it appropriate to use a portion of the monetary gifts for baby to buy a new Vacuum cleaner?

Finley really loves the sound of the vacuum. If I wear her and turn on the vacuum she will go right to sleep sans "Horror Hour" and Momma (who is allergic to everything and has a thing about stuff stuck to the bottom of her bare feet) does like a clean house. I am pretty sure the saying goes; if momma is happy everyone is happy but in our case if Fin is happy we are all happy.

My vacuum sucks (pun intended) it is such a pi&% - off. It's constantly falling apart and they don't even make the hepa filter anymore ... I realize it's the motion and the noise the babe likes but nap time shouldn't be riddled with her momma saying "earmuffs Finley" while I swear and repair my vacuum 49 times between the kitchen and living room and don't even get me started about the beater bar and the ... well you get the drift. Really a new vacuum is for HER not ME. Really. Don't judge.

I am looking at this vacuum.

Send me your thoughts....


Smelly Kelly said...


I think it will last long enough for her to play with it when she is walking!!!!! lol

lucky said...

can't open the link but i hope it's a Dyson. those are $$$ but they rule. wish i could get one too!

Earth To Mother Ship said...

The Dyson Ball DC 24

Twwly said...

get the dyson!