Saturday, June 6, 2009

Natural Body Care for Baby & Momma

I have been using this product from a Canadian company out of BC on Fin.  It was a shower gift from my massage therepst friend Nee.  it's all gone and I have just bought a giant bottle to replace it!

It's called Scentuals Baby Steps natural baby lotion with organic hemp seed oil. It contains no synthetic dyes or fragrances. It smells DEVINE and is wonderful on her skin. She was very chapped looking at birth for perhaps being post due I was told, also told not to put anything on her skin that it would clear itself up. I waited a week and then I used this cleared it up in a matter of a couple of days.

The ingredients are: hemp seed oil, calendula oil, oat protein, a soft light blend of essential oils and some other wonderful ingredients. (I can't give away the whole recipe!)

I have the most sensitive skin on earth - it's dry and eczema prone, I have always had to be super careful with the products I use and rely heavily on handmade soaps of the oatmeal and goat's milk variety to keep my skin  from acting up.  Finley's skin is pretty great so far but I have only been using natural products on her. Better safe than sorry I think!

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