Monday, October 25, 2010

Flippin' The Bird

When we were kids our parents used to take us on the NCC nature trials outside Barrhaven to walk or cross country ski. We always brought a bag of bird seed with us to feed the chickadees and nut-hatches who are bold enough to land in the palm of your hand or perch on your finger. It's simply amazing to feel their cold little feet against the warmth of your hand. It's mesmerizing to see them up close, so eager and trusting, while they sort through the offerings, selecting which seed they want, while flicking the others onto the ground.

My sister still regularly takes her son to the trails to feed the birds and on our recent trip to Ottawa we took Finley. It was brilliant. My sister looking so much like my mother in fleeting moments- watching her coax the birds into her palm. Meanwhile Fin is also helping herself to the peanuts and seeds from the palm of Sue's hand and eventually from the bag. Me do this, Fin says before taking the bag from Sue to help herself. We had to bring people trail mix along instead of straight up birdseed as Finley likes to eat.

Finley is being a rarrrr (bear).

The hurry up and wait of walking with Auntie Sue and Mommy who are busy chatting.

A chickadee eats from Sue's palm.

Of course I got in on the fun.
Bird in one hand camera in the other!

Thanks Sue for helping me remember the good times.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank You

For writing me to remind me I have not posted in a while. I will very soon. Right now my hubs is working nights and I'm currently growing two extra arms and four sets of eyeballs so I can be on full time chase the toddler duty. Finley's recent activities include; climbing EVERYTHING, bringing me dog poop from the grass her hand, "Mommy poopie!", soaking then eating dog food, taking the lid off her sippy cup, taking her pants and diaper off and running around, putting things in the toilet that don't go in the toilet, saying "uh-oh" for kicks and throwing tantrums. Oh yeah, she's been biting me. She thinks it's funny ... or did until time -outs were begun. She is also talking in three word sentences says DUDE, and dancing and singing up a storm. GAWD SHE'S CUTE. I'm loving her and enjoying her like I never knew I would. We're playing all day and crashing out at night...that's why I've not had time to write!

Miss You ALL!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Have I ever mentioned that I was a fish eating vegetarian for a good 8 years or more? I am allergic to pork so I have to avoid all kinds of foods that may come in contact with pork. I ate chicken for a long while before I grew soooo tired of it I gave up eating meat all together. It's only been in the last three years that I have been "trying" meat. It started with a few select cuts of beef from Whole Foods where I could get grass fed free range beef. It was good. My body was craving red meat and so I happily ate it for a while. When I was pregnant I didn't meet a steak I didn't like!

Then we moved to the middle of no where south where pork is the state food and laws governing the processing, antibiotic and steroid use in the production of meat are to say the least, lax. Finding free range non medicated meats are like trying to find a synagogue in NC. There has to be some somewhere....but where? The shift away from meat and all the highly processed foods found in the grocery stores was an easy one.

For the most part I find meat gross and after seeing too many documentaries on how cruel the meat packing industry treats their animals and birds I now have an ethical reason to say no to meat again. I've been cooking a lot of vegetarian dishes again and am feeling a whole lot better about my diet and my body feels better too. Whenever I have a few ingredients in the fridge I think will work together I throw them in the Google bar and see what recipes come up. This one was awesome!

Baked Tofu with a Tahini Crust

I served it up with quinoa and red beans and a mixed baby greens salad with apple, cranberry, red onion and sunflower seeds. I topped that sucker with a drizzle of blue cheese dressing.

The meal was simple to make and all came together in about 35 minutes. Finley and i devoured it. My kids hasn't met a tofu product she doesn't like!

Alicia Silverstone has a really great web site called The Kind Life about all things sustainable, earth friendly and veggie. My friend Sharon turned me onto this site and I love it so I thought I would share it with y'all.