Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Michelley Belly - Bump 38 Weeks 5 Days

Well the countdown is on!
I am being very patient and am rather curious about how and when labour will start and what our birth story will be. Our neighbours have been stopping Steve to ask if we've had our baby...soon he tells them. Steve is excited, he is so attentive to me and the Baby P and we finally settled on names for the baby.  We'll keep those under wraps until baby arrives.  It's like the Witness Protection Program around here! Haha. We are both happy we don't know the sex of our baby. The curiosity alone is  going to make me work at labour!

I get a kick out of my belly button!

The baby dropped last Thursday as you can see.

This is the baby's change station in our bedroom. Set up on my Grandma Dodie's Dresser.

Baby P's Co-sleeper - it aligns with our bed.

Baby's layette has found a spot in our room too!


I have experienced a HUGE ENERGY BOOST in the past three days.  Every woman I talk to who has had a baby says ... that's the sign the baby is coming soon!  I have been taking advantage of this energy by cleaning the house, dusting and vacuuming before baby P's grandparents get here to visit, I raked all the leaves out of the back yard (you're off the hook for leaf removal Sue) and today I am heading out to add compost to our gardens and plant our veggies and flowers from seed. 

The tulips and daffodils I planted in the Fall for baby P's spring arrival are blooming this week as is our Dogwood.  The Azaleas and Rhododendrons are just beginning to pop pink buds.  The Mourning Doves have made a nest in the Holly Tree just outside our kitchen window, two fat copulating bumblebees nearly flew into my head yesterday .... new life is all around us.  Soon our new baby boy or girl will be here.  We can hardly wait!


Kim said...

Stopping in from Tuesday Toot!

I hope you have the baby soon! I was where you are in January, and I do not wish to go back! lol

My Tuesday Toot

i am the diva said...

congratulations! you look marvelous!!

I came over via Tuesday Toot~

Laura aka Little Rockstar's Mom

Fulton Quads said...

Good Luck on your little one! I LOVE the baby in the co sleeper, is it in a pes pod? TOO TOO cute! Better rest up because you will not get much sleep once he or she arrives! (=
Love, Cathy & the quads

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! That burst of energy your having is the the first sign that it is getting close.

Like your blog!

Cindi ~ Moomettesgram said...

Visiting from Tuesday Toot!

My grandson is 7 mo old & it seemed like my DD26 had been pregnant forever!

Best Wishes to you! Many couples are opting now not to know the sex of the baby! I know several!

My Tuesday Toot

Smelly Kelly said...

WOW! Michelle! You look so fabulous! It is nice to see your nesting instincts are in full throttle!

We are all on the count.... 10 days tomorrow, or how many more sleeps...that is the question...1, 2, 3, or 7?

I really can't wait to meet Baby P. I am checking out flights already. I talked to Poodle yesterday and he sounds ready and excited :)

Love you all, almost family of three.

Auntie Smelly

lucky said...

yay!! soon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I can't wait for you to have your P!!!

Twwly said...


We were so glowy after Meeps' birth it took about ten minutes for anyone to remember to check her sex! Midwife goes "Uh, guys, do we know what it is yet?" Ha. Scott took the first peek.

I am sure we have said this 10x if we've said it once -- have Steve catch! Scott caught, and marks it as HANDS DOWN The Best Thing he has ever done. Instant bonding, totally amazing. Having your hubby hand you up your babe is also great for your relationship!