Monday, March 30, 2009

Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Show

A couple of weeks ago my mother in-law Linda called to tell me all about an amazing kids consignment show in Morrisville near the airport in Raleigh NC. She thought it would be worth driving there to check it out as she had heard really good things about this show. I thought it was a great idea too, and liked that Linda was supporting our decision to raise our child under our philosophy of reuse & recycle!

The Consignment show is called "KIDS EVERYWEAR" 

Thoughtful planning on the part of the consignment show invited first time mothers to shop one day in advance of all other shoppers. We had to preregister for this privilege. A few days in advance I received an email inviting the "WADDLERS" us "PREGO" ladies to a special one hour advanced shopping time - it began at 4PM!   

Linda and Steve's sister Dawn - who is expecting her second baby boy April 21st -and I piled into Dawn's SUV and the three of us set off to shop! On the drive there I said - this will make a great news story - all these pregnant ladies shopping for baby items in a time of recession - I bet there will be news cameras there!

Dawn, Linda and I got there on time and boy did it paid off!   It was not too crowded, we got to take first pick of everything.   As Linda and I were looking at cribs she said,  "Michelle look over your shoulder!" There was an ABC news camera pointed right at us. I laughed and totally ruined their b-roll as I was looking straight into the camera. We bought a beautiful solid wood walnut crib by Stork Craft with a Sealy Posturepedic mattress - barely used, no scratches, not even a finger print on it - for $100.00. The woman said it was at her mother in-law's house for when the baby visited and had only been used a hand full of times. A total score!  Steve said "I hope our baby is not allergic to nuts!" hahah.

Our Loot ... before we went baby clothes shopping!

Linda and I then went into the linens section and dug through a box of stuff and found brand new crib sheets name brands like Laura Ashley for the full size crib all marked to about 2 or 3 dollars a piece.

I picked out two wooden brio toys "made in Canada" and a little vibrating chair - it was still in the box for $10.

Dawn picked out some stuff too but was mostly there to shop for summer clothes for her Two year old.

We took all our purchases to the cash and then Linda wouldn't take my money not even for the crib. I burst into tears because I was just over come...this baby is directly attached to my tear ducts lately. I guess it was seeing Linda so excited for our baby and then the reality of baby coming home so soon and it's just so nice to be spoiled by mom.

Linda & I 
my camera was acting up...Blurry :(

We then loaded the car and went to the clothes section. Dawn and Linda dove right in. Everything was SO WELL ORGANIZED. Boys clothes on one side and girls clothes on the other sorted by size. They even had maternity isles in the middle.

I poked around but got a little overwhelmed and over heated so I went to sit outside for a bit. I went back in and found the girls whose arms were weighed down with clothes! Linda asked me why I hadn't picked anything out. I said because I only want to buy PINK! 


Linda told me to go get the pink ...if I have a boy we'll send the pink to Steve's sister Jennie she is having a girl in June.

So I picked out two pink outfits and a pink nightie and a yellow and pink nightie, three gender neutral outfits and Dawn found two navy and white sailor rompers for Baby P- all for this summer in size. The clothes are all in fantastic shape barely worn - no stains and all name brand like Gap, Gymboree, Carters etc. 

I can't recommend this sale enough if you live in this area. Go early. It was sorted and organized so well. The items were clean and reasonable priced. The volunteers working were friendly and helpful - they even loaded the car for us! By the time we left the sale 4 hours later, again this was the advance shopping day- closed to public - open only to the preregistered first time moms - there were very few items left on the shelves!

Thanks Linda & Dee for a fun afternoon and evening out!  Let's do it again in the Fall!

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