Monday, March 16, 2009

Michelley Belly - Bump 36 Weeks 4 Days

 Behold the Belly!

I LOVE this picture above - of me and Baby P.

We are Womb-Mates for another little while...
Due date April 10th, 2009.

I'm still teaching Yoga which has been a life saver - it makes lots of room for baby and my yogis give  me little milestones to look forward to each week - which does help the time pass and keeps me grounded!

How do I feel?  
For the most part really good, sleep is easy, although, I find I tire much more quickly now and am back to the first trimester fatigue necessitating little cat naps through out my day.  The baby is significantly bigger - when he/she stretches out length wise I feel it from sternum (hello heart burn) to pubic bone (hello bladder).  It made driving the car challenging the other day! But then a few cat/cow postures in Yoga and  Baby P moved, settling into a much more comfortable fetal position.  

I am back to eating like a teenage boy, I can never stay full.  The good thing is I am craving fresh fruits and veggies and for some reason totally out of character for me "Ranch Dressing." 

We also experienced fetal hiccups for the first time last night. You could see them and feel them in a consistent rhythm. Steve and I watched this go on for about 15 minutes. Pretty cool!


twwly said...

You look so f'in gorgeous Shipley!

Lolly said...

YAY pretty bump!

lucky said...

the top one is my favorite belly pic so far...