Tuesday, June 19, 2012

John Deere Birthday Party

Let me begin this post by saying the only involvement I had in this party was the cake and some of the food.  Otherwise this party was the brainchild of my sister in law Dee.  She and her husband live on an awesome horse farm in Eastern NC, our children all have birthdays within a few days of one another so Dee usually does up a party with her friends and our family and we join in.

This year Dee chose a John Deere theme and we took the kids strawberry picking.  We probably should have weighed the kids coming and going from the berry field! They ran through the rows eating more than they picked and all their mother's were chasing behind the kids picking up half eaten berries and throwing them in the baskets.  Have you ever seen a kid eat a strawberry? They take one bite toss it and move onto the next berry. It was strawberry field carnage.   

Finley (Birthday Girl!) chewing strawberry and checking out the field.
Noah (Birthday Boy!) picking strawberries.
Finley and Gavin cousins and birthday boy and girl!
The three birthday kiddos
Of course the John Deere was hooked up to the trailer for a hay ride.

Dee set up the tables outside and the kids ate in the open air.  Mini hay bales held organic lollipops and each child was given a fabric  John Deere ditty bag made by my Mother in Law.  It was a a really cute birthday theme and the kids had a blast ripping around the farm and the berry patch. 

Mini hay bales used as table decor.
Ditty Bags as treat bags. They were later filled with goodies from the pinata

The table set for the kid's dinner.

Our Birthday Girl wearing her John Deere birthday t-shirt -an Etsey special order.

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