Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wave Babies

Last week, on what turned out to be a perfect beach day, my friend Susan; her boys Jonah and  Luka, Fin and I headed to Fort Macon Beach on the Atlantic Ocean in Morehead City NC.   We arrived in time to picnic lunch and spent the whole day exploring the beach.  It was AWESOME!

Happy Mamas 
Luka & his Boogie Board

Finner & Luka Dooo


Jonah catching sand fleas
Playing in the poodle

We have made some very good friends while living here in the south.  Our kids get along famously, our parenting philosophies are similar and it is easy and fun to hang out in a group...let's face it when parenting  - it's awesome to have allies!

The best part of having a three year old is having some autonomy.  There are brief breathing spaces where I can find myself separate from the attention I give my toddler.  At three she can entertain herself a lot better and play with friends more cooperatively.  I'm not saying there are no melt downs or me/mine behaviours they just seem to be a little further apart which is SUCH A RELIEF after the TWOS...Susan and I could actually hold a conversation ... that's HUGE!

Anyway it was a great day punctuated with ice cream sandwiches, shell collecting, attempting to swim in huge waves, dinner out at El Zarrape and a quiet drive home with three snoring kids in the backseat. I can't wait until we can go again!

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