Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stoooooopid B&E

Hi remember me?

 I'm a gal with so much to write about and a toddler in pre-school in the mornings - so I have actual time to write - and I can't write here in this blog. 


Because while I was on vacation this August and my husband was at work our house was broken into by some little punk who stole our Xbox, my MACBOOK Pro and smashed my daughters piggy bank to steal her coins.

I can't even begin to tell you what a piss off this has been!  

Luckily the robber didn't stay long, hurt anyone, take heirloom jewelry or vandalize anything but seriously yo - my computer? Uhhhhg. Thankfully iCloud was activated and I have my photos. Unluckily, four days before the home break in we moved out of our office and my husband threw out the box for the computer so we had no record of our serial number. Try to prove you had a MacBook Pro with out a serial number. 

I' m having a new BIG hard drive put in an old MacBook .... Soon I'll be up and running again.

Learn from my hard lesson people....

1. Photograph your belongings & serial numbers.
2. Record your serial numbers
3. Store those numbers in a safe place
4. Find a killer hiding place for your heirlooms.
5. Count your blessings daily that you do not have to steal to have the things most people have.

See y'all soon - be well and come back!!!