Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank The Stars For Aunties

In the whole world there are no greater relationships than those you can have with an Aunt.  I have two very special Aunts.  I've always known and loved them of course, but, our relationships solidified after the passing of my mother.  I think we all provided a link to my mom for one other in a way.  We've developed relationships of our own outside of my mother over the years. We all helped each other heal after our loss and then we built our own very personal relationships.

My Aunt Ann and I write weekly and sometimes two or three times in a week when there are lots of exciting newsy events going on. She has been an ear for me and a constant support.  My Aunt Dianne is my mom's sister and just being with her I'm reminded of the little things my mom did on the daily,  they share too many similarities to count!  Both of these women love and sacrifice always putting family first. They always make time for me and for that I'm forever grateful.  

Women need one another and although the family unit may look different in this day and age the fundamentals of family have not  changed and our roles as women in our families don't change.  My Aunts are my support and my wings and they have had such a hand in shaping me.  I hope they know how much I admire them and have learned from them, I'm forever grateful.

Aunt Dianne & Ann

Sunday, November 27, 2011


My dad visited recently.  Nothing can quite describe watching my dad with my little girl. Finley had a cautious curiosity about him which lasted only hours and then they were quite taken with one another. Here they are sharing ginger cookies... the picture says it all!
Finley & Grandpa at I Can't Believe It's A Book Store in Washington NC

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Thankful

This Thanksgiving I'm very thankful for my little family.  
They are my heart and my sunshine. 
Where ever we are together is HOME.

Photo Courtesy: Karoline Ouimet