Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Log Farm & Nature Walk in Ottawa

The Log Farm

This is the Log Farm in Ottawa (Nepean). It stands rustic and beautiful amongst the fields in between Cedarview Road and the 416. It's an awesome little farm.

The horse, sheep, pot bellied pig, goat and chickens roam the property and are well socialized. A little girl came running out of the hen houses calling her daddy to come see what she had. She was super delighted to find a newly laid egg. "It's still warm," she says to me, holding it out for me to touch. The egg and our breakfast were the ONLY WARM things out on the farm that day - man it was cold! Minus 8 degree Celsius. FREEEEEEEZING!

Finley and her cousin Aaron looking at the Sheep.

The Lone Star catered a pancake breakfast with fresh maple syrup from the Log Farm Sugar Bush. Juice, coffee, hot chocolate, scrambled eggs, sausages, and all the pancakes you could eat for $6.00 per person. We wanted to get out to the sugar bush but the field road out there was a bog and we were not equipped with hip waders or the desire to put our muddy feet in the car for the short ride home. We did dig into the pancakes though -YUMMO!

Nature Walking
Same neck of the woods on The Beaver Trail (insert your own jokes here) off Cedarview Road, not a week later than the Log Farm visit, the weather was at plus 28 degrees Celsius! We walked, ran, and sat down all the way through the forest to feed the chickadees and nuthatch from our hands. Only in the good weather they weren't so much interested in feeding as frolicking and mating! Wacka -Wacka! And we lost our bag of birdseed somewhere on the trail about 10 minutes into the walk. Ha ha.

Seester Sue, Fin & Aaron

Aaron and Moi!

Finley checking out the moss.

These are a couple of things my seester and I got up to while we visited in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. It's my home town and it's super fun to visit the places our parents took us with our own children.


OhLovely said...

Hello, I grew up here too! (Barrhaven, Nepean) I live in Kincardine now. Love all those hotspots especially "The Beaver Trail". (You cannot get a more awesome name for a trail). Speaking of Beavers we always hit up the Beaver Tail stand at the Byward Market, The Experiment Farms (Worst name EVER for a farm you take kids to) and The Sassy Bead Co. in Byward. Love for Ottawa. Great photos.
Have a lovely day,

Earth To Mother Ship said...

Dude you do not live in KINCARDINE? That's where my hubby grew up and where we spend a lot of time in the summer! Dud you find this blog by way of Ashley Duncan?

OhLovely said...

I did find your blog on Ashley's sight ages ago. I didn't know you knew each other. Me and my kids were just at there house a couple of weeks ago sqwishing goat lips! We just moved here almost 3 years ago but I've been coming here since I was a baby (Family live here) Totally love Kincardine. Always wanted to marry a farmer :)
Didn't. (thank goodness, that's a lot of work ;)See you on the beach this summer or Hawgs.
What highschool did you go too?

Earth To Mother Ship said...

I went to St. Pius X. Lived in Barrhaven too. From age 16-20 then I escaped! haha.

Love the Hawg's Breath - Say hi to Raina for Steve and I!

We know tons of peeps there - most are still my hubby Steve's BFF's. His dad lives there still too. Scott & Ash are among our BFF's!

Will send you a note when we are heading that way and we can meet for beverage. I'd LOVE to be there for Canada Day!

OhLovely said...

One of my highschool boyfriends went to Pius X. (Jim Nichol) Not sure how old you are (I'm 36) (He'd be 34). Small world. We lived on Barrhaven Cres. just across from the tennis courts.
Scott and Ashley are so lovely. Scott just finished 2 biggish tatoos on my hubby in Jan.& Feb. Sleeves are now finished. What an artist. Would love to hook up for a drink when you are in town, I love meeting new people :)
Bye for now,