Friday, April 9, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

Finley and I were in Ottawa Ontario Canada - my home town - for Easter week. We had an awesome time visiting our family. On Easter Monday we had lunch with my mom's seester, my Aunt Dianne. Finley's great Aunt Dianne. She is Canada's answer to Paula Dean!

Aunt Dianne made little cream cheese and salmon sandwich fingers for Miss Fin with rice pudding and peaches for dessert.

Fin is waiting for lunch, she is taking in all of Aunt Dianne's beautiful house decor. So many treasures to see!

Aunt Dianne always has her aantique bears taking tea somewhere under a special piece of furniture. It's fun to look for them when we come to visit. The bears were replaced with bunnies for Easter and Finley had a blast tearing through the tea party. She broke two of the chairs...sorry Aunt Dianne!
Next time we visit I'll arrive with crazy glue.

Finley was all abut taking the Easter eggs out of the bowl. Most of them were marble...

The Easter tree to rival all Easter trees! Finley left with a gift of a little basket holding two chicks from Aunt Dianne's tree.

Thank you Aunt Dianne! It was an awesome visit and a DELICIOUS lunch! Finley was so BUSY I didn't have time to steal anything from your house this time! Or did I?


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