Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dad's Experiments

My hubs Steve likes to perform experiments...ask my seester Sue. Her son Aaron is deaf. Sue and I came into the room one time to see Steve twirling Aaron around and around in circles. Aaron was grinning from ear to ear. "What are you doing?" we ask Steve. "Aaron is deaf - if he truly has no middle ear then he won't get dizzy. I want to prove this theory wrong. I think he will get dizzy!" Steve twirled Aaron around some more and then set him down and took a few steps back and asked Aaron to walk to him. Aaron weaved his way toward Uncle Steve hoping to get some more twirling. "Aha! He's dizzy!" Steve exclaimed. Sue and I looked at each other in awe. This little experiment really did debunk the doctor's reports. This is just one example of Steve and his experiments....

Here is another:

Steve is an ED nurse - he always claims kids in car seats are rarely injured.

"Look how secure she is- she didn't even move!" he says.

Fin is squealing with delight!

"See she's totally fine in there," Steve tells me.
All this came about after we had to adjust the straps in the car seat as Finley has grown.

Steve & Fin after the experiment - she's happy and ready for more Daddy time.

What's next?


Lauren said...

That's a good way to make sure the straps are tight enough! Fin looks so damn cute with her little fountain ponytail!

lucky said...

cutest post EVAR!!!!!

Elsie said...

That deafness experiment sounds so cute. And also an interesting way to challenge your doctor and traditional (blindly-continued) medical opinions!