Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flower Pots and Hiding Spots

This weekend I bought a few new flower pots. I thought they were for my plants but as it turns out they are the best place for a 12 month old to hide! She's been climbing in and out of them at every chance she gets. I almost hate to fill them with soil and the shrubs I had intended them for.
Day One

Day Two

She also likes to put her orange ball in the flower pot.
Maybe that's how basket ball was invented?
Should I ask James Naismith?

My pics a re little blurry - they are taken on my iPhone 3GS - and the kid is always mooooving!


Yorke said...

i love that you call her a 12 month old baby... isn't that 1 year old?

lucky said...

my. god. she is getting more and more beautiful every second. just like her auntie lucky.