Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Countdown Is On!

Our Finley Mae is turning ONE on Saturday April 10th!

Where has the year gone?

All I can think about is how fat I was this time last year, how I drank two litres of soy milk a day with a box of Shreddies. I wondered if my mother's instinct telling me I was carrying a daughter was wishful thinking or accurate. I wondered what our birth story would be, and if I would be terrified. I wanted a Natural birth and in a state where 76 percent of births are C sections I wondered how feasible my natural delivery would be. How would Steve and I get through it? Would our baby be okay? Would she look like me or Steve?

Now Steve and I have a little darling who plays peek a boo, runs a car across the floor making the bruuuum sound, points at the vacuum and tells her daddy rrrrvvvvuuuum, she signs (ASL) about 20 words and says DADDY clear as a bell. She is the light of our days. She is my greatest joy and Steve and I marvel daily on how spirited , bright, funny, smart and loving she is. Sometime we stop and look at each other and say: We made her.

And now we are planning a PARTAAAAAY! YIPEEE! I LOVE parties!


Kelly Hill said...

Oh how much I love her too! I wish I could be at the party! We will ichat and open presents!!! xoxo

Baby BEE and Me said...

We miss you dearly already, well before you even left actually, I love Fin's picture here and her hair especially this way! Bee's birthday (before her party) was the 2nd best day of my life, Fin's party and bday ON THE her (your) party day will be a double dose of Finley and Mama magic!! Welcome home.