Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yes, I'm still Alive!

I've been remiss in adding posts up here! Unfortunately, I had a great post all done up about the yoga retreat and it has vanished and the videos I was trying 75 million times to upload for the Monkey See Monkey Do post failed every time ... I'm left wondering what little bugs are affecting blogspot?

Further excuses as to why I've dropped off the face of the blogging earth:

1 . Finley is running everywhere so I'm chasing her. It has not left time for a blog post!

2. I had a BIG school project to finish and submit. Still gunning for an "A."

3. I flew with Finley to Ottawa to visit family for FEASTER
(we eat a lot at Easter hence the appropriate name change).

4. I had someones first birthday party invites to make and send out.

5. We finally had good weather so Steve and I had to rake the yard and get rid of the leaves and plant the garden! Yay for good weather and getting to go OUTSIDE. Man, this winter sucked.

Will be back home in NC soon and will repost the Yoga blog and many more fun tidbits from our week in O-town.

Peace Out Y'all!

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