Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Thoughts & Observations

I have had some interesting and random thoughts and observations since becoming a mother. Thought I'd share them. Be forewarned they are nothing if not profound!

  • I used to do three colours of laundry, white, light colours, and black. Since having a daughter I now do a FULL PINK load.
  • The grocery stores have a cookie club for kids!!! At the Harris Teeter (we call it the Hairy Peter - mature eh?) the KID'S Cookie Club is on an honour system. The sign reads: Please take only one cookie per child. The Plexiglas cookie case is in the produce department. On my before kid weekly shopping trip I had never noticed this display and had never been drawn to it until I spotted several ADULTS sans (that's French for 'without') kids, pushing carts, pause by the display - slide their hand in and take two or three cookies. These adults were not built like they were starving to death and couldn't get enough calories either. Just saying. I have now begun a game of locking eyes with the the childless adults while they steal cookies from kids. I look from their eyes to their hands while I pretend to patiently await my turn to get Finley a cookie. Pure entertainment. The thieves don't look ashamed or guilty to have their hand caught in the cookie jar. They really don't.
  • This week I tailed a lady and her husband as they pulled three grocery carts like a set of train cars around the middle isles of the grocery store. I'm an outside isle shopper rarely venturing down the middle isles so this was an adventure. The woman had what looked like an old timey brief case that used to hold cassette tapes, it was open and balanced on the front of the first cart. It had a laminated itemized list or legend of the contents of the box. It was coupons! Seriously yo. This is a person who spends a lot of time organizing and itemizing her coupons. I tried to get a photo but was not sure how I could do it discretely. I was amazed. I am a gal who loves to find a deal and will use coupons but this was so strategic that even my anal retentive, highly organized, neat freak self was amazed. Unfortunately, her carts were full of garbage/ franken foods. The boxes they were packaged in probably held more nutrients - I digress. She was a master at getting a deal maybe even comparable to Yoda.
  • I used to consider my dog my baby. Now he's strangely just a dog. I love him but I no longer assign him human character traits and feelings. Well, not as often.
  • I do admittedly think my kid is the cutest kid ever created. How's that for a mom observation. Nothing if not profound!
  • Snot is a fashion accessory.
  • It's okay to have a beer at 4pm if the day warrants it.
  • I talk about poo a lot more than ever.


Erin said...

We sometimes call it Hairy Peter, but most of the time we call it Harry's Teaters.

Lauren said...

We now do a pink/red load of laundry too. That's the joy of being the mom of a girl!

Twwly said...

My dog went from being the baby to being a dog. And now I have to sit on my hands to stop slapping people who say "oh having a puppy is JUST LIKE having a baby."

No. No it is not.