Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh One, One One, One One


It's MY 38th Birthday!

Finely and daddy bought me flowers.
Fin ran at me holding them out screaming Happy Beeeerrrthday Momeeeee!

She turned on her heel left the room and came running back in with a helium balloon. She was SO excited. She bust out in giggles when Steve bopped her on the head repetitively with it.

Yoga was awesome!

My friend and yoga student Ebba brought me a home made walnut rye bread DELICIOUS!

My friend Justine made these adorable coasters as a birthday gift. I love hand made gifts! Aren't they awesome?

My sweet hubs Steve made us dinner with Layer Cake Label wine and he even baked me a chocolate cake which is always a mandatory dessert on my brithday- YUMM-O!

My day was perfect in every way!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bonjour 2011

What a very quick year. I'd like to say I've thought lots about it and had many plans for the coming year, but, this one just came and went in the blink of an eye. I don't think I've thought of 2011 yet!

2010's Highlights

We went to Costa Rica where our house was robbed on our second night. Major BUMMER for our friends who were hardest hit losing wedding bands, passports and money. The safe was stolen off the wall! Lessons learned and all of us were safe. I took my first University writing class in 15 years and earned an "A."

Finley began walking and we began chasing!

Rachel and I hosted our very first yoga and journal writing retreat. It was SOLD OUT. We are planning for this year already.

Finley's first birthday was celebrated with our neighbours and friends. It also marks the END of breastfeeding and the introduction of the lazy eye nipple.

Steve's sister Jennie, hubs Matt and our nieces and nephew visited for a few days from Winnipeg. It was fun to see Finley playing with her cousins.

Finley said, "Mommy" for the first time! We went on our second annual Elston & Pare' spring vacation. We stayed in Waves NC and had perfect weather all week. Steve and I even got to go out for dinner without Finley for the first and ONLY time in 21 months. Thank you Sandy! So looking forward to this year already! Later in the month Finley cut EIGHT teeth at once. Of course she did this while Dad and Mom in law were visiting. Poor little girl was feverish and miserable the whole visit.

I joined the gym and Finley had her first introduction to the gym daycare and a separation from mommy. Yikes! That was tough on both of us but it was needed and we are both better for it. Kelly & Mark arrived for Canada Day and July Fourth. We boated at Beaufort and watched the fireworks on the Washington water front after spending the day in New Bern where we saw the Guinness Book Of World Records winning largest pulled pork sandwich. I steered clear lest I require a stab in the leg with my Epi Pen. Pork Allergy Alert! Haha! That would make a great T-shirt slogan.

Finley and I flew to meet our friends Kelly and Mark in NYC who treated us to a stay at the Plaza! We visited Coney Island, Chelsea Markets, Times Square, Century 21, Ground Zero and had High Tea in the Palm Court with Finley at the Plaza. She channeled Eloise and stole the show. I seriously have to blog that trip there are some amazing photos!

We put our house up for sale. Sniff, Sniff. We figured in this crappy housing market we should try and get out of the house since it's gonna take a looooooonnnnnggggg time to sell. We are Canadians on a visa. We need to be mobile should we decide to head back to Canada. A mortgage is not exactly offer us mobility. Finley and I took our very first road trip together. We drove to Toronto for a weekend to visit with Greg, Kathy, Lucky and Sharon. Did you know there was a farm in downtown Toronto? Riverdale Farm. The things you don't know until you are entertaining a toddler. Then we drove to Ottawa for a two week stay with my seester Sue and to attend my cousin Steven's wedding. First major gallbladder problems began occurring. I thought my stomach hurt because I was internalizing my feelings after seeing my family ;).

Steve, Finley and our good friends Adam, Sarah and Ella vacationed in Duck for the week of Canadian Thanksgiving. The weather was pretty good but the company was better!

Well a total highlight for me was Finley staying with Auntie Dee for the day and my mom in law Kelly getting Fin down for a nap! Seriously? The kid CAN NAP for someone else! Hallelujah!

We had a fabulous feast on Xmas eve with our next door neighbours Jake and Rachel. They prepared the Italian American tradition of the Feast of Seven Fishes. DELICIOUS! We ate seven different fish and I made a chapotle sweet potato and an arugula and fennel salad to go along. Finley enjoyed her Christmas. She was very excited that Grandma was here for a sleep over. Then we got SNOWED IN. 10 whole inches people. It hadn't snowed here in 5 years until we moved here and then in the last 3 winters we've had snow. We clearly did not move far enough south. So Finley and I hopped in the truck and drove south to Tampa Florida to hang with our friends Kelly and Mark who had flown in on Boxing day to surprise Kelly's mom and dad. My mom#2! We had a good week and rang in the New Year with a feast and some great friends then hit the road for home.

Looking back I see a lot of time spent with family and friends as my stand out moments. This year was a big one as Steve and I settled into our own as parents and the three of us as a family. Steve and Finley are my whole heart and I'm happy.
Like every day for most of the day I'm just happy.

What am I gonna do in 2011?

I was hoping to land a contract in Halifax NS this spring, but, it's come undone and a quick trip to Toronto in the near future to drum up some prospects is in the works. Anyone want to hire a fantastically organized TV producer with a great track record for delivering the goods on time and on budget? I want to work a contract or two a year. Nothing full time because it's important for Steve and I to be home with our kiddo.

I'll start the year with a 7 day total body cleanse and a resolution to cut the beer intake way down and I'll look forward to taking the prenatal yoga teacher training certification I've been wanting to take and I'll give it my all to work a contract in TV and get the new TV proposal concepts I've got rolling around in my head onto paper and pitch the networks and I'll try very hard to get back into blogging. I've got a very busy daughter who takes up most of my time. I resolve this year to find time for me again. I've been swept up in care taking and now it's time to take care of me.

What were some of your highlights? Hit me back yo!