Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh One, One One, One One


It's MY 38th Birthday!

Finely and daddy bought me flowers.
Fin ran at me holding them out screaming Happy Beeeerrrthday Momeeeee!

She turned on her heel left the room and came running back in with a helium balloon. She was SO excited. She bust out in giggles when Steve bopped her on the head repetitively with it.

Yoga was awesome!

My friend and yoga student Ebba brought me a home made walnut rye bread DELICIOUS!

My friend Justine made these adorable coasters as a birthday gift. I love hand made gifts! Aren't they awesome?

My sweet hubs Steve made us dinner with Layer Cake Label wine and he even baked me a chocolate cake which is always a mandatory dessert on my brithday- YUMM-O!

My day was perfect in every way!