Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Girl Wants To Potty All The Time

Potty all the time potty allllll the tiiiimmmmme.....

Well actually, that's not true, as she has been on the potty strike since February 13th 2010. She was just 10 months old and had discovered walking and other exciting things and so she temporarily gave up pooping on the potty.

While she won't do her business on the potty - the potty has been left out so she remains familiar with it, so she engages it in other ways like toting it around the house and she also really, really, really, enjoys going into the bathroom to pull all of the toilet paper off the roll and place it in the potty. The mere mention of the potty sends her racing to perform this super awesomely fun activity. If I catch her in the act she stops and pretends to blow her nose then offers me some of the toilet paper. How thoughtful.

While I'm not quite sure what is so exciting and liberating-ly fun about hiding to poo in your diaper. Or toddling around unsteadily then falling down hard on the squishy poo diaper, Fin digs it, and that's been her M.O around here until this past week.

This week things changed up a bit. When I ask if she needs the potty she smiles broadly at me and runs toward me for a change - like I just caught her sneaking candy. At least she knows she doesn't like to wear dung anymore and wants a change. She will even go get the diaper and lay down on her change pad for me without a fight. Aha! She's back in the know of her eliminations! Eureka!

This morning we had a small breakthrough. She signed potty and then went to her potty pulled it out into the middle of the bathroom floor and asked to sit on it! So I helped her and she sat there for a few minutes. I was so proud of her!

She is almost 13 months old. She has not use the sign for potty in almost three months. This was very encouraging.

Twwly counselled me to keep the EC dialogue open and that was practicing EC. It's about the communication not just the poop.

We've been talking about the potty and singing the potty song all along:

"My girl wants to potty all the time potty allll the time."

A total rip off of the Eddie Murphy and Rick James song. It's catchy and we like it and now she is revisiting the concept of the potty. So it works.

Just thought ya'll would want an update on our EC practice! (insert eyeball roll here)


Twwly said...


I like your potty song.

Not sure if I told you about this: Mags went through a phase where she had to use the toilet all by herself. She was just about Fin's age, and would not let me upstairs even, she'd scream bloody murder at me! It was a bit precarious, her getting her pants off, climbing up onto the toilet solo. But she did it and would yell for me to come when she was done because she can't get OFF the toilet alone.

I never thought I'd wanted to be INCLUDED MORE in the potty process, like hooray she's going solo... but I was so worried she'd fall off. One of those situations where you're like "I just can't win here", ha. KIDS. Hilarious, all the time. ;)

Glad you may be coming to the end of potty strike!!

Eddie Murphy to the tune of "Too hot in the hot tub, gonna burn myself.... YEOW!" --- "Gonna pee in the POT-TAY, don't wanna pee myself NOW!" HAHAHA

Elsie said...

Hooray for Fin!
Ella seems to be on a one week on-one week off sort of potty schedule. She continues to sign to tell me that she needs to do her thing, but doesn't want to sit on the potty until she's finished. But, at least she still associates the potty with the act somehow. I figure we are still on the right track.
Ella is also a fan of the unroll the toilet paper game. And the nose blow cover up! How funny!
Congrats again on your communication success!