Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Between Steve and his two sisters there are six kids. That's right, all under the age of four! The last time we were all together was Christmas when not a single adult in the room could wrangle all the kids together to have a group photo taken. There was always one child crying (usually mine) or down for a nap or off with one or another of the relatives to give moms a break.

This week we were all together again out at Steve's sister's farm. By the way, acres and acres, is an advisable size area for six kids under the age of four to hang out! You can't image how LOUD that many kids are unless you are trapped in a house of any size with them all!

Kaylee age 4 and her sister Zoey 11 months

Gavin 3 years old

Finley & Noah are 13 months old
Bastian is 2.5 years old

I almost caught them all in one frame!
Five of them...

Here's Zoey, she makes 6!

Here are some other random shots from the day at the farm.. Finley was never so dirty or tired! What a great day the kids all had playing together. It makes me wish we all lived nearer... maybe one day.

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