Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Photo
From the Vault: Circa 1985
Granny Dodie, Seester Sue (10), Mum (38), Me (12).
First of note. My mother is one year older than I am right now in this photo. It astonishes me.

This is me looking at Fin the way Mum is looking at Sue (Above).

My Grandma Dodie is my dad's mom. Her birthday is May 14th which usually coincided with Mother's Day. This ticked Gran off to no end. She really did not like to have to share her birthday. She felt ripped off and made no bones about letting us know it in her wonderful sarcastic way! She was usually a good sport and enjoyed all of our outing except the time Dad took us all to the symphony. The pianist stopped playing to tell us audience to; "STOP MOVING IN YOUR CREAKY CHAIRS! I CANNOT PLAY WITH ALL YOUR NOISE!" Gran waited the perfect comedic beat and as the pianist began playing again she leaned heavily into her cane and readjusted her body in the chair. She looked at me winked and then did it again. She then gave one of her closed horse lipped laughs that she was famous for. Dad gave us the evil eye or as he calls it the hairy eyeball. We settled down. I spent the rest of the symphony wishing for Gran to wiggle in her seat again. You're not still wondering where I get my piss and vinegar from are you?

Mom also hated when Mother' day landed on Gran's birthday because then she, also, had to share it. The BIRTHday detracting from the MOTHER's day. It's kind of chicken and egg don't you think? I personally don't want to make a great big deal over Mother's Day. I'll be happy if Fin wants to draw a picture for me, make a macaroni necklace which I will wear so proudly or make me toast in bed. But, none of those things are nearly as important to me as the privilege I have of being her mother. She is a wonder and I love spending every day with her. For me everyday is mother's day.

The best part of being a mom is waking up every morning to this kind of joy:
Fin 12 months old.

Happy Mother's Day ...


Laura said...

I sympathize with your Granny. I had to share my birthday with Father's Day every year. It was especially bitter because for most of my life my dad and I were not on the best of terms. So sharing my birthday always felt like a brutal cosmic joke.

Finn's little "woof, woof" is so adorable!

Kelly Hill said...

I love this video. I love the circa 1985 photo. I drove by your old house today, that is exactly how I remembered you. I miss you friend.

Love Smell xo