Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Music and My MunchFIN

Finley has LOVED music since she was in my body. When I was five months pregnant I went to see the NC Symphony perform Handel's The Messiah, she twirled and wriggled each time the symphony played she settled when the choir sang.

Since birth Finley has enjoyed music. She is a little dancing and music requesting fiend. While out on the boat last week she looked at her dad held her middle finger to her thumb and waved her arm overhead which is her made up sign for music. Steve cranked up AC/DC and she head bobbed happily in her life jacket while we cruised over the waves.

Today when we were in the car, for the first time, I caught a glimpse of her sitting in her car seat waving her arm overhead, nodding to the music. This is not uncommon, she's always clapping, head nodding and waving her arms to music....but today, today she was singing along (making noises sounding like words) to Train's "Hey Soul Sister." She blows my mind. I just love her.

Finley this one's for you:

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