Thursday, April 2, 2009

Counting the days to Camembert & Tekka Maki

I am totally obsessed by two things right now: 

1. Meeting our baby.

2. This GIANT list of food I will be able to eat again the second the Baby is OUT!

Honestly, I sit on the couch lately and think about Camembert, feta and brie cheese, salads drizzled with blue cheese dressing, sushi - especially the spicy tuna rolls ... lucky for me a state of the art "Heart Centre" opened in the hospital wing beside L & D and they have a killer sushi bar...I know!  How convenient.    The nurses said I could bring some popcycles to the hospital and if I write my name on the box they will store them in the freezer for me ... I wonder if this can apply to a couple of Yungling beer?  I can't think of a more delicious beverage than a beer after labour...this list could go on ... but you get where I am going with it.

For now - the sweetest hubby in the world is picking me up to help me waddle through Food Lion for some more bananas, yogurt, ice cream sandwiches and soy milk.  Ah heart burn soothers.


Smelly Kelly said...

We will have all of those things to eat when I get there! Feta...what? Mark totally should not have put that in your guacamole when you came to visit!!!

Earth To Mother Ship said...

Mark used PASTURIZED feta - it was all good!