Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finley Mae - is now 12 days old!

Where has the week gone?!

Fin in her sling.

Auntie Dee & Gavin (2 yrs) ... he calls her Mae!

Having a zuzz with her bamboo blanket from Judy.

Chillin with her Pippi outside.

The face I see when I wake up in the morning. She makes my eyes well up...I just LOVE her!

Hanging with her Daddy & Big brother dog ... 

Ann - they are reading about baby smiles and when they begin - she smiles in her sleep all the time

Grampy and Finley

Channeling Dr. Evil 

Our first night home we had a rough night as my milk had not come in...Finley screamed and boy can she scream. she gets so mad her yells hit two octaves...the next morning she was hoarse from all the yelling and her cry sounded like a raspy voiced Demi Moore.

Thankfully the milk came in later that day and our child has been eating and pooping like a champ!  

April 1o,  8 lbs 7oz   
Birth weight

April 11,   7lbs 13 oz  
Weight at Discharge from Hospital

April 14,   8lbs 2oz  
The doctor asked us to come back in a week to make sure the weight gain was not a fluke!

April 20, 9lbs 1 1/4 oz  

Finley's fingers and legs are filling out, her ears have grown a little bit and her eyelashes are filling in...honestly it's so amazing just watching her change.  She looks a little different everyday. 


lucky said...

i am just so in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twwly said...

She is so lovely! What a sweet little thing.

They change so much, take as many pictures as you can!!

Smelly Kelly said...

I can't hold it in! I AM SO EXCITED TO MEET HER TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting chocked up at the thought and her beauty in every picture!!! 1 more sleep, soo you tomorrow Miss Fin!
Love Auntie Smelly xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!! And yes she will look like she's getting bigger every day!