Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby P's Pram is Done!

Baby P's Daddy Steve has a very keen interest in sailing. In fact one of these days we plan to sell up and sail away for a while with our family - won't that be a fun blog to read?

He is also learning a wooden boat building craft. He is self taught, ridiculously talented and humble about his work. While I grew baby over the past 40 weeks Steve has been in the workshop building not ONE but TWO wooden boats!

Steve is racing the baby's arrival to finish up his 12ft Sailing dingy - The Shearwater
December 2008

This is the mould the boat is built on top of.  
Strips of Okoume Plywood & Oak will be applied.

Near completion this picture was taken about 2 weeks ago. 
It's sea worthy - just requires the finishing, rigging and sailors!

Last Fall Baby P's Daddy told me he was going to build the P a cradle shaped like a boat...and then he went out into the workshop and began - just like that!

This is the first post about the Pram.

And here is the final product  ... it will have a rocking devise or swinging apparatus built - baby Daddy is waiting for his Dad to arrive to help him with this project.  A little bonding time required to pre-pare' for fatherhood.

Priming the Pram in the living room...it was too cold outside!

Interior paint applied to the Pram in the Yoga Studio - still too cold outside to cure!

Floor boards installed!

The paint is a traditional colour for a wooden boat - in fact the blue is left over paint from when Steve built "Little Blue" his first wooden boat.  I am sentimental about the first boat.  

This Pram is also "sea worthy" ... But don't think for a second it's leaving the house!

Here it is with the bassinet mattress in it.

Next time I post a picture of the Pram  it should have a soundly sleeping little P in it.

Lucky Baby P


i am the diva said...

hooray! it looks great!! happy tuesday toot!!

Little Rockstar's Mom

Dominique said...

Toot Toot,
the boat looks great. Your hubby is really talented in woodwork :)

Smelly Kelly said...

Wow, one for Daddy and one for Baby P! How sweet. But I think Steve told me that the "Shearwater" was named "Miss Kelly"? Well, either name, I can't wait to "sea" them both for myself :)

Love Smell

Lolly said...


Twwly said...

So beautiful!

Lolly said...

You were due yesterday and you haven't posted in four days. Has the little one arrived?