Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Michelley Belly - Bump 40 Weeks 0 Days

 As you've probably guessed - I have been M.I.A - due to the timely arrival of Baby P!

Baby P is a SHE!

It is such a pleasure to introduce Miss Finley Mae
Born at 12:47 AM April 10, 2009! 
8lbs, 7 oz, 20 inches long, tons of hair (hence the heart burn).  

We got our natural delivery and it was Steve who caught her, brought her up to me and then announced to the room "It's a GIRL!"  I can't think of a single moment in my life that can top this one. Not a single moment. 

We are so happy with the  L & D team at Women's & Children's at Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville NC.  They were supportive, calm, informative going beyond their job descriptions, I am certain, to ensure Finley, Steve and I were adjusting okay. 

More to come in the next few posts...although how much I don't know. My sweet baby is eating like a champ and so I am as busy as a one cent a gallon sale at the gas pumps....it does not leave much time for typing.

Thank You to everyone for the outpouring of support, phone calls, well wishes, flowers and LOVE!


Dominique said...

Congrads on the arrival of baby P.
She looks simply adorable.

Lolly said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY Congrats! She showed up right on your due date, too! That never happens! She's just too pretty! And yes, blogging with a newborn is hard! You'll just want to hold her all the time and not even mess with getting on the computer.

Storm said...

Congratulations. She is a beauty.

Smelly Kelly said...

Mommy and Miss Finley,

I was soooo excited to see your beautiful pictures to introduce you to the world :) I can hardly wait until next week to meet you in person! 8 More Sleeps until Auntie Smelly Locks comes for a visit!

Sending Love until then xoxoxo

lucky said...


can't WAIT to meet Finley!!! i love her to bits already.

parentingBYdummies said...

Now this is an accomplishment worth tooting. Congratulations:)