Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank You

For writing me to remind me I have not posted in a while. I will very soon. Right now my hubs is working nights and I'm currently growing two extra arms and four sets of eyeballs so I can be on full time chase the toddler duty. Finley's recent activities include; climbing EVERYTHING, bringing me dog poop from the grass her hand, "Mommy poopie!", soaking then eating dog food, taking the lid off her sippy cup, taking her pants and diaper off and running around, putting things in the toilet that don't go in the toilet, saying "uh-oh" for kicks and throwing tantrums. Oh yeah, she's been biting me. She thinks it's funny ... or did until time -outs were begun. She is also talking in three word sentences says DUDE, and dancing and singing up a storm. GAWD SHE'S CUTE. I'm loving her and enjoying her like I never knew I would. We're playing all day and crashing out at night...that's why I've not had time to write!

Miss You ALL!

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Kelly Hill said...

We all love her more than we thought we could! Even Mark?