Monday, October 25, 2010

Flippin' The Bird

When we were kids our parents used to take us on the NCC nature trials outside Barrhaven to walk or cross country ski. We always brought a bag of bird seed with us to feed the chickadees and nut-hatches who are bold enough to land in the palm of your hand or perch on your finger. It's simply amazing to feel their cold little feet against the warmth of your hand. It's mesmerizing to see them up close, so eager and trusting, while they sort through the offerings, selecting which seed they want, while flicking the others onto the ground.

My sister still regularly takes her son to the trails to feed the birds and on our recent trip to Ottawa we took Finley. It was brilliant. My sister looking so much like my mother in fleeting moments- watching her coax the birds into her palm. Meanwhile Fin is also helping herself to the peanuts and seeds from the palm of Sue's hand and eventually from the bag. Me do this, Fin says before taking the bag from Sue to help herself. We had to bring people trail mix along instead of straight up birdseed as Finley likes to eat.

Finley is being a rarrrr (bear).

The hurry up and wait of walking with Auntie Sue and Mommy who are busy chatting.

A chickadee eats from Sue's palm.

Of course I got in on the fun.
Bird in one hand camera in the other!

Thanks Sue for helping me remember the good times.

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Kelly Hill said...

Love it. I took Hannah about 5 years ago to that same place, having never been there before, I didn't know how far in you had to walk. After about 15 minutes and Hannah and I standing there in the bush forever with not a bird to be seen...and older couple walked by and said "oh, are you looking for the chickadees? They are back at the parking lot!" Memories...Love it.