Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Saturday on Washington Water Front

This Saturday our family volunteered at the book sale. We are members of "Friends of the Library" and each Saturday the members set up at the Farmer's Market to sell gently used books. The books are donated or have been worn out and replaced on the library shelves. All proceeds from the sale go back into library programs and the purchase of new books. Steve and I are book worms. We often buy books here one week, read them and return them to sell again.

It was 104 degrees with a soft breeze. Our new friends Nancy & Dave look cool as cucumbers. We managed to turn a tidy profit by selling each book for ONE dollar and under!

Our little Farmer's Market runs from 8am-12pm each Saturday from May to October.

This week there was also car show. Dave told me he had one just like this one only it was a two door, he bought it for $25.00. His dad sent it to be crushed while he was away flying in WWII.

I liked this car. It reminded me of the ones in "Endless Summer." It even had a surf board on the roof with a glassed in fin. How's that for kickin' it old school?

Steve and Fin watching the wake boarding competition also taking place on the waterfront. That was our Saturday. Pretty exciting hunh? And it all took place before 2pm on our clock! The rest of the day was super chill.

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