Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby P's A Beach Baby

On Sunday we spent the day at Fort Macon Beach NC. We usually find a less populated place to camp out for the day but the waves were breaking perfectly right in the midst of tourist land. So that's where we ended up...Finley slept the whole day. She didn't care where we were situated!

The weather was overcast and even raining when we arrived at the beach and then the sun came out, the breeze was side off and it was not too hot out so it was a perfect day.  But, I think any day is perfect when I get to spend the day at the beach - especially with my  new little family.

10:30 AM Sleeping

12 Noon Sleeping

Steve going out to try his "new" short board ( thank you tax return!)

Steve on his "new" long board (thanks again tax return!)

2PM Sleeping

5 PM Still Sleeping!
Finley & I did take a good long walk down the beach to where no one but the birds were hanging out towards the inlet it was so peaceful. I collected beach glass until my hand was full and then we headed back to watch Steve surf with the dolphins.  It was a pretty awesome day. 

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lucky said...

that looks and sounds like a little slice of heaven.