Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby Weight

Hey Mommas!

Can post-partum HAIR-LOSS be factored into baby weight loss?

If so, I MUST be close to my pre-baby weight.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to vacuum the bathroom floor AGAIN I go. Honestly the vacuum looks like I have trapped a squirrel in it with all the hair wrapped around the Hepa filter.

Happy Friday

(Yay me - I actually know what day it is.)

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Twwly said...

I lost hair SO badly with both kids. For me it started getting better when they were around 9 months and my period returned. Hormone shift maybe. You can see all the regrowth in my hair, it thankfully no longer looks like male pattern baldness, but it's still kinda funny. It's all a couple inches long, curly. The rest of my hair is shoulder length. I'll take it though. I was totally rocking a receeding hairline for a while, it was brutal.

I can only promise it gets better! Might take a while though and can be kinda depressing.... but know it WILL end!