Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vacuum TRUMPS Lullabyes

Our baby has been very fussy the past week.  It starts up at around 6pm and caries on until ten or eleven pm.  Why? We thought it was onions and she was gassy. So I eliminated onions from my diet (see ya in 8 months my oniony old friends).  Then we thought she might be constipated. No that is rare in a breast fed baby.  We asked around and were told:

 Sometimes babies just fuss. 

Hahah you have children this routine until they are 35.  

Yes, babies have their own temperament

They'll grow in and out of these phases. 

Wait until she starts teething - it's enough to make you want to leave home.

SUPER! These are the types of advice you are not told until the deal is signed sealed and delivered.  Before that you get told how wonderful babies are and how amazing the love and the faces of your child are. And they are. The tears are part of it - for both parent and child!

I read up on COLIC. Apparently babies born naturally - drug free- are NOT usually colicky. MY BABY DID NOT GET THIS MEMO!  I also read that colicky babies like movement and repetitive noise.  So for the first week I bounced up and down on my 19" exercise ball. She fell asleep and I worked my abs, we mowed the lawn (we have a push mower no motor), we played Hip Hop music and danced in the kitchen almost all day Sunday when she was colicky from 1pm to 10pm and we've been on countless walks. She likes to be in the front carrier for all of these wonderful activities. By yesterday momma was tired.  Dad Dad had just come off a string of days in charge in the E.D and he was tired. We traded her off all day and then...I looked around my house and saw dust bunnies the size of our dog and decided...THE CURE TO COLIC TONIGHT WILL BE THE VACUUM.

Guess what? It was!  She fell asleep in no time. She stayed asleep. My house is clean and we both woke up this morning with a smile.  


Twwly said...

Bob was Captain Colic. He nursed on average every 45 minutes until 6 months and didn't sleep through the night (5hours) until his two year molars came in. Mags was a dream baby (minus the car torture), until teething. Then nothing could/can console 'em. (OH the SHRIEKING, its a good thing I dont drink.)

Fin may not be bothered by her teeth, some aren't.... never know.

Hope the vac works again tonight!

You can trust that they are all different and always changing! Ha.

Just sent you a massive care pack of all of our favourite clothes of Meeps (purple aysmmetrical Kate Quinn dress, white smocked shirt, leopard print booties, amongst many others). Had I known you were trying the vent bottle next I would have sent one -- it was one of many we tried. If she takes it, I can send you another.

Stuck our initial D in sharpie inside the clothes, as I would have 'em back when Fins done if that's OK! :)

Smelly Kelly said...

hahaha...you said TRUMP!

Loukia said...

The vacuum always worked wonders in my house, too... good luck! (And get used to it! ;))