Monday, June 1, 2009

Bottle Flop & Fashion Show Success

As promised I am reporting back with the my boobie fed child's reaction to the bottles I bought.  She took an ounce and a half from the adiri bottle. Wouldn't take any of the other bottles I left out and survived until my and my boobies arrived home.  I did feed her right before I left and was only out for 3 hours in the time of day when she usually goes longer between feeds and has a good sleep.

When I arrived home I fed her and then she waited about a half hour and  threw up all over me. So I guess we know what she thought of the whole bottle deal.  Either she worked herself up or she ingested too much air from her bottle feed?  In a seven weeker - who knows? 

Here she is decorated in Momma's milk looking no worse for wear!

My mother in Law Linda is a lactation consultant. She suggested trying a longer nipple for the bottle to see if Fin will take that, as it will mimic the real nipple, which when in the baby's mouth becomes elongated and presses into the baby's pallet.   My sister in law Dee suggested Playtex Vent Air.  So I will try that too.  JUMBO THANKS to Dee & Grandma Linda for Babysitting Finley so I could go out to participate in the fashion show.

The Fashion Show benefiting the Turnage Theatre Foundation was a success.  There were 8 store showing their clothing from the Main Street in Washington NC. Word on the street is we raised 11 grand! Pretty Awesome I think!

Here are some pictures of the models I worked with for this event.

Two designers peaking out at the audience.

Mary Grace
 (She stole the show!)

(Mary Grace's Momma)

(Beth's Momma - beautiful family hunh!)


(Alice's Daughter)

Alice Stallings
Designer Extraordinaire!

A little backstage primping. Girls Will Be Girls!

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lucky said...

you look great Ship!!! and Fin looks great modelling boob milk!!!