Friday, May 29, 2009

Boobie To Bottle B4 I Model!

So the pressure is on for me to get Finley to take a bottle.  Tomorrow marks the first time in 10 years that I am taking to the catwalk. Yes, I have been asked to model in a fashion show to benefit The Turnage Theatre Foundation for fabric designer Alice Stallings of the River Walk Gallery in Washington NC.   Alice has become a darling friend and is an extremely talented artist.  For Alice and not too many other people, on earth, will I come out of retirement seven weeks post birthing baby Fin to model.  Tomorrow also marks the FIRST time Finley and I will be apart for a feeding.  Finley will be at home with her Auntie Dee to babysit ... sans moi and my boobies. YIKES!

In preparation for this day Steve and I have been attempting to give Finley a bottle.  I have pumped several ounces of milk - I am ridiculously proud of this accomplishment - I think I am still on a high from the miracle that is Finley Mae.  On a daily basis Steve and I can be found stating "I Made This" while pointing to baby Fin and now I am holding up bottles of fresh breast milk saying;  "I also made this! I wonder if it will make good cheese?" 

I am using the Milk Bank Storage System by Dexbaby- which is AWESOME, but, Fin does not like the nipple on it ...maybe as she is older she'll get into it? 

So I went to Babies R US 
Today and found this bottle by adiri 

It was the most expensive on the shelf at $12.99, it is BPA Free and has won a 2008 Medical Excellence Design award. SOLD.  It is supposed to mimic the breast and so I figure it can't hurt to try it.  

I also bought Nuby Softflex Silicone Nurser.  It was $9.99 and is a soft bottle so you can squeeze the milk into the baby's mouth so they get an idea about why this fake boobie has been inserted into their mouth and hopefully suck!

Here's the clincher. Finley does not like to take a pacifier either.  So getting her to take a plastic nipple no matter how realistic is going to take some convincing. I figure if she is hungry enough she'll try it.

Wish us luck!  
I'll report back on the bottles and on the fashion show in upcoming entries.

(As an aside: Babies R Us would not "exchange" an unopened package of Gerber Onsies with the store's untampered price tag on it for the next size up because they were not on my registry & I didn't have a receipt as they were a gift - so unimpressed! Had I not been having a bottle emergency I would have left immediately. I will, however, attempt to source an alternative store before shopping there in the future.)

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Twwly said...

Just top her up before you leave - and remember, she may actually slurp up from a spoon or cup for Auntie!