Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For Crying Out Loud!

Finley Mae has been crying more on then off for the past 5 hours.  

Is it gas? 

Usually when she gets worked up it is gas ... and it's usually a 45 minute fussy period in the evening.  I have figured out her hungry cry, her gassy cry, her tired cry and her I am wet cry ... but today, today the baby has me stumped. 

Advice Welcome.


Smelly Kelly said...

Maybe she misses Auntie Smelly Locks?

Jenny said...

There might be something your eating that may be affecting her tummy. Just a thought. I know it can be hard to figure out. I had a baby that would be upset for hours in the late afternoon because i was eating dairy, cheese and milk. I cut them out for a few months and slowly added them back to my diet.

We also would take turns placing baby on their tummy, laying over an arm. Head would be near the elbow. that seemed to help. My mother always laid babies over her legs, on their tummies as she sat up, gently rocking them back and forth on her lap.

It is very late here and so I hope I am making sense, but know what your experincing. We paced many a night with a gasy baby. Now we just wait up for those that have jobs to get done working until closing time.

Twwly said...

I regret to inform you that the cries change. ;)

As soon as you think you've cracked 'em is usually the time they move onto the 'next level' of communication, etc. Constant evolution and growth baby, keeps ya on your toes.

That's my guess.

Earth To Mother Ship said...

Thanks for all the advice...I will try it all out!