Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Pea Is Actually A String Bean!

Finley Mae at Birth:

8 lbs 7 oz - 20 inches long

The nurses wrote this in our room on our board.
Finley 2 Days Old 

(She wore her New Born sleepers for a week and a half.)

Finley Mae at One Month:

10 lbs 3 1/2 oz - 23 inches long

(She is wearing her 3 month clothes - she fills out the feet in the sleepers!)

Finley 4 weeks old.

Voila Le Petite String Bean!

After Our 1st Mommy & Finley solo bath time!

This is the beginning of Fin's smiles ...I will catch one on camera.

Me & My little Baby P.

She is always guarded by Big Brother Dog Cecil.

Finley looks just like my seester in this photo.


lucky said...

i cannot believe how long her legs are!!! mommy's legs for sure.... you have to re-create your teenage pics with her when she's a teen!!! she is just the most gorgeous. xoxoxox

Past Expiry said...

Speaking of peas....
Past Expiry Cartoon *LINK*