Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nature vrs Nurture

Since when did trees begin to remind me of bottle brushes?

No I was not eating mushrooms.

I guess I have "teaching Fin to bottle feed" on my mind ... a lot more than I thought.  
It's not gone well - she likes her boobie buffet way too much.  She screamed her head off at the introduction of a bottle of breast milk offered by Dad Dad.  We'll keep trying, we've read all the suggestions by Dr. Sears and will try a few different nipples to see if she has a preference.  I love breast feeding Finley but there will be times we have to be apart for a feed. We'd like her to know how to take a bottle.   Suggestions welcome.

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Twwly said...

Neither of my kids would ever suck a fake nipple. We tried them ALL.

Sippy from a young age, drinking from a cup, solid foods.