Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've Been Cheating

Dear Yoga Mat,

I have been cheating on you with a pair of Asics orthopedic custom fit running shoes. I know how this must sound to you, who know my bare feet so intimately. We used to hit it for an hour and a half at least four times a week, but, since the baby we have only gotten together once. It's been 11 weeks and I miss you so much.

It's not that I prefer the sneakers. It's just that they are new and younger and so easy to slide into when I am tired. When the baby is crying, sometimes all I can think about, are the Asics sitting on the mat by the door, a pair of socks laying at their side, teasing and taunting me to put them on. I see you too Yoga Matt rolled neatly waiting for me in the corner of the room. But the shoes can offer immediate gratification from the sound of baby cries bouncing of the walls. I put on the Asics, head outside and then all I hear is SILENCE.

It's a different silence than the peaceful calm I feel after we have rolled through a set of sun salutations, it's so different I swear. There is nothing like the relationship you and I have. I lie in bed a night and long for the morning when I can wake up, unroll you, plant my bare feet firmly on you and feel the rush of our contact. It was you, Yoga Mat, who soothed the baby when she was in utero.
Photos Courtesy Witzgall Photography

It will be you who will soothe me and the baby again. Only you understand me. I think the Asics are just a phase I am going through. Yoga Mat it's you I love and hope you will forgive my absence so we can get back together. With you in my life I am a nicer person. My husband says so.

Still hopelessly devoted to you,
Mother Ship


Smelly Kelly said...

Mother Ship,
Your pregger yoga pics are fabulous. I met your yoga mat at my house once and it awoke parts of my body that I haven't seen since that day...I don't miss the mat...haha

Storm said...

Great photos. Kudos to you to exercise while pregnant. Toot toot.

Duck Yoga Retreats said...

You girl, are hilarious and I love you!!!! What a great love note to ship's yoga mat!! Poor baby! :) John says the same thing about me and my yoga. I'm a much nicer person! love