Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Eh?

Happy 142nd Birthday Canada!

Today is Canada Day - I am about to hang our beautiful flag from the front veranda and I'm thinking about all the wonderful Canada Day's spent downtown Ottawa where he biggest party is. I can't wait until Finley is old enough to handle the crowds on Parliament Hill so we can take her to see the parade, concerts and fireworks.

I am a proud Canadian, and soon Finley will be celebrating her Canadian heritage by holding both her Canadian & American passports. We'll teach her all the words to "Oh Canada" in french and English and she can teach me all the words to "Star Spangled Banner." That way we are covered in the anthem department when she takes her place on the Olympic Podium to accept her medal after placing top three in either Canada (naturalization) or the United States (birth country) ....a girl should dream big shouldn't she?

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