Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Eco Baby

Thought I would spend today making a round-up of a few of the fun Eco friendly favorites I have come across since Baby has arrived.

Cloth Diapering:
Fuzzi Bunz & Bum Genius Cloth diapers ... I LOVE them! Everyone who has not used them and sees ours comments on how cloth diapering has come a long way. The diapers are so easy to clean. We have two dry diaper pails; one holds the liners the other the covers. Every other day I throw them all in the washer and run a cold rinse cylce with a splash of white vinegar, then, I run a hot water wash and hang to dry. We have 24 diapers in rotation.

If you want to read a good article on the economic impact over the Eco impact of cloth diapering read this. Our Fuzzi Buns are on loan from a girlfriend who used them on her two babes before Fin. They are still holding up!

We also received the G-diaper starter kit as a shower gift and are about to test run them on our holidays. I will report back on how they worked out.

REUSABLE Wipe Warmer:
The wipe warmer is made by Prince Lionheart and it comes with Bamboo Cloths. Bamboo is a natural antibacterial material and a quick growing sustainable farming crop that is harvested to make tons of products ( Finley has a blanket made of Bamboo and it's SO soft! ) I add a little tea tree oil to the distilled water on the sponge liner of the wipe warmer to help keep Fin's skin in good health. So far we are diaper rash free. (Which is also a perk of cloth diapering!) I am washing diapers anyway so it makes sense to use them. I also use Parent's Choice Organic cotton disposable wipes for quick hand and face clean up (usually mine). A package always in our diaper bag and car's glove box.

Eco style: NEW
BOHO Soul Child is my new fav! I found this little gem of a store on Etsy. Okay, so this was the first time I have ever purchased through Etsy and it was a great experience. My items came quickly by regular post and included a hand written note from Cyrena herself. All of her items are ECO friendly, made of ECO Felt & batting made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. I bought two headbands and a wrist cuff for Finley Mae. Honestly ADORABLE! I will be placing another order so I can give these items away to the new baby girls who have arrived in our circle of friends. I will admit - I kinda only want to keep everything for Fin because she rocks out the BOHO look so well.

Finley & I
(early June)

Eco Style: REUSE
You can't get more eco friendly than hand me downs! Since kids at this age rarely wear out their clothes, a great way to shop is at consignment sales OR if you are lucky, you have a friend send you their hand me downs! Thanks TWWLY!

A box of goodies!
Clothes and cloth dipes "hand me downs" from the Duncan Household.

Finley wearing one of Maggie's outgrown "ABBA" suits!

(Steve and I call this an ABBA suit as it has a frilly bottom and belled cuffs.)


celticmama said...

We love our FBs, HHs, and BGs! Easy to wash, easy to wear, cute as can be---enough said! I am interested in seeing how the new FB one-size works out...understand there are a few glitches right now.

Consigning is really helpful but hand-me-downs are wonderful! (Thanks to my lil sis in Charlotte for her girl stuff.) You might be interested in OUAC in Greenville: http://www.ouac.com/locations.aspx?s=27889 or KGR: http://local.witn.com/kids+go+round.9.71758417p.home.html

The BOHO hairband is really cute on FM...brown looks great on her!

About keeping things...keep some, share some, donate some, and take lots of pictures; there will be lots of clothes and toys from here on out.

Smelly Kelly said...

I agree! I still can't get over the ADORABLE Children's Place dress with the tags still on! Not that I want to wish Fin to One already but I can't wait to see her in that dress!