Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Party Vibe

Pig Roast 2009

I count my blessings everyday when it comes to my friends. Two of my besties host a pig roast every year and I can hardly believe we just celebrated the 11th annual one! All our friends do their best to attend, coming from all over the world. This year brought folks in from Africa, New York City, Calgary, Aylmer, Toronto and us from NC. One year my hubby flew in from Australia! This is the one weekend a year we get together to relax and catch up on the year's milestones.

It's usually a big party beginning mid afternoon one day and ending late afternoon the next. It's size varies depending on the weather and how many additional friends have tagged along. We play in a horse shoe tournament and volleyball. One year we had a camel toe race (don't ask) another year we had karaoke and I didn't think I'd get invited back the following year. I'm not much of a singer but I sure thought I was that year! And no year goes by without someone saying - remember when Shipley nearly caught fire? (I was cold so I stood with my back to the fire and scorched my sweater.) The 12 ft trailer parked to collect all the empty beer cases was usually full after the 24 hour kick back.

This year had a different vibe. Most of us came home to show off the next generation. There were 10 babies added in the past year and a half. The horse shoe tournament and volley ball was played in between baby changes and nap times and the trailer for empties was not nearly so full.

This is the NEW face of the Pig Roast.
Not surprisingly it began and ended early on the same day!

Party Flags - Diaper Covers.

Exersaucer Central.

Steve loading the shop beer fridge.

Me trading in the real for the NEAR beer.

The guys carving the tenderloin instead of the WHOLE pig.

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lucky said...

i can still hear Steve's voice: you want some crackling??