Monday, July 27, 2009

Have Passport WILL TRAVEL!

We had to get Fin a passport on the double so we could use our booked holiday time to get back to visit Canada.   Luckily there were no snags and our passport arrived a day before our departure.

We packed our compact car and hit the road to Ontario to introduce Fin to her Canadian relatives and friends.  Our usual 13 hour road trip to Ontario was a breeze (I think) with our 3 month old along for the first time. We figure we tacked on an additional 15% to our driving time for stops to breast feed and stretch our limbs.  Major PHEW for hubby and I, as we love to travel, and really enjoy road tripping. After hearing some hellish tales about kids and car rides we were a little worried to say the least!

While we have always travelled lightly - one roller carry on suitcase for each of us on extended trips to the EU we were a little concerned now that we have baby on board. What to pack and what to leave behind?

 However, keeping with our pack lightly philosophy  we managed to get out of the house in our usual carry on bags -Fin's tiny wardrobe packed in with mine, and a laundry basket to carry our miscellaneous, shoes, laptops, snuggle nest, gifts, along with our stroller and our duty free limit in cases of beer (dad likes a particular Pennsylvanian beer not avail in Canada). We were packed to the tits and I was BEYOND EXCITED to bring our baby home to Canada. 

I was a little teary crossing the boarder with our little American baby. Hubby said;  "Look Fin an igloo! Keep your eyes on the look out for a polar bear."  I laughed and Finley screeched. She found her voice an hour before we left NC. She screeched exercising her voice as we smiled broadly from the front seat our first leg into Ontario a success.

More to come and pictures too - stay tuned!

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