Monday, July 20, 2009

Stay -Cation

I gotta say I think who ever coined the term Stay-Cation was onto something. In our case it does not refer to the economic climate putting a damper on our travels but rather a one income family with limited vacation time, the expansion of our family and a desire to explore our new location.

Since moving to Eastern NC from Canada, we have had lots of visitors and have taken time off just to stay home and entertain. We've taken to day tripping around our hometown and have managed to explore the beaches, antique stores, plantations, civil war sites and farmers markets, along the way.

This past week with a 3 month and 10 month old in tow our meanderings have been fairly close to home and just as enjoyable!

New Bern NC
A Day Excursion to PUTTER.

Steve & I with
Munch-Fin in the Ergo

Sarah & Ella Picnic in New Bern NC

We enjoyed the Open Jam in Washington NC

Adam with Ella reaching for the warm rain.
We were soaked and laughing after after a thunderstorm caught us at the park!

The calm before the storm.

Note to self: Put one child in each car so they don't egg each other on in the CRYING Department. Yikes that was a trying car ride!

"Miller Time" came early that day.

Cruising the board walk is a nightly adventure. We live on an estuary there's always lots to see!

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Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Followed the link under the blog her ads and glad I did. Love staycation ideas.