Saturday, July 4, 2009

Off The Hook

I received a Face Book note from an old college buddy last week. I had not heard from him in a very long time. Dibbi and I went to college together and moved out west to Vancouver about the same time. We were new grads struggling to get a gig, make the rent and find our footing in a new province and city.

Dibbi could always be counted on for a melo party night including scotch, smokes, ridiculous stories and burnt Kraft dinner. Dibbi is a very charming individual and he soon took off to find success in his much desired field as a DP.

It seems Dibbi has realized a new career ... or is adding to his current one? (Us TV creative types never really retire - the allure of the next project can overtake us at any time.)

Dibbi and his lovely fiance have opened and are operating Off The Hook B&B. Check them out if you are on the west coast of Canada! Good luck Dibbi!

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