Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'll Boil Your Bones To Make My Bread

Finley the Mini Witch

It was an excellent Halloween for Finley and me. Halloween is my FAVORITE DAY! I love dressing up. Finley is definitely my girl in this regard, she wore her costume and make-up willingly. She delighted in the kids coming to our door and was totally entertained by our witchy friends.

Watch Out! She bites!

Best Legs EVER! Shoes by Heelarious.

Trapping and eating leaves.

Mother Ship is also a Witch!

My favorite Witches of the South aka My Journal Group

Aren't they LOVELY!

A fabulous night of trick or treating. We had 200 kids in an hour come to our door! As soon as we were out of candy I closed the door and lights so Finley and I could join my witchy gal pals from my writing group on the other end of my street. The witches were convening on the front porch of my friend Alice's historic mansion. The suitcase was filled with creepy dolls and candy. A cauldron with dry ice was set out on the lower steps. It was just awesome!

Witches could be heard calling to the kids telling them to approach so we could see if they were candidates for eating! The kids were intimidated, just a little, the witches coaxed them up the steps with lure of candy. No kid can resist candy or their curiosity. Most wanted a close up look at our wonderfully witchy group and left satisfied.

The wine was flowing and a wonderful spread of dinner awaited indoors once we closed the door on this night of trick or treating.

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