Friday, November 27, 2009

I Give Thanks

Mrs. P (aka Mother Ship) baked some pumpkin spice cookies and a pie to take to Thanksgiving dinner. It's Fin's FIRST Thanksgiving and I was so very excited. This time last year I was 20 weeks pregnant with her and I had just started this blog.

Oh the difference a YEAR can make.

I give thanks for my Granny Dodie who saved everything. I inherited her rolling pin. Usually, it's on display in my curio cabinet, but, my culinary whizz neighbour informed me it was still usable and a great model at that! So, I used a rolling pin for the first time ever to roll out my cookies.

Brown Glazed Pumpkin Spice Cookies

I give MOST thanks for a healthy - happy FINELY!

I give thanks for my pumpkin pie, but, my hips won't.

Before dinner my 2.5 year old nephew said grace.
Here is it word for word:

GOD IS GREAT, GOD IS GREAT, GOD is great, God is great, god is great. AMEN!

We gave thanks then I stuffed myself on DELICIOUS southern Thanksgiving goodness and some turkey. My favorite are always the sides. What's the difference between Canadian and American Thanksgiving? One Month and in the south - a lot more SUGAR! Sweet potatoes here should be called BROWN SUGAR with sweet potatoes not sweet potatoes with brown sugar. Fin loved them, on a sugar high she stayed awake for four hours after, missing her nap entirely! She was in a good mood so we let her stay up.

Fin' s FIRST taste of sweet potatoes.

Gavin (who said prayer) his brother Noah & Finley playing by the table before dinner.

This was a first family gathering for us with the babies all playing together. Prelude to Christmas when their three cousins join us! Can't wait! Really. We can't!


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE. Oh, and I hear you about the South. Coming from CA, I am amazed at the amount of sugar that goes into things down here. But between you and me, I sort of like the brown sugar with sweet potatoes. I can't eat more than one small serving, but I relish it every Thanksgiving.

iron-hold said...

Read my blog. stories. its inspiring.. enjoy reading. ill update it every day. this is my first time making blogs..

lagunatic said...

Sugar is good. In an evil kind of way :D
Your cookies look FAB! Yum.
I hope you measured everything out in metric ;)

EireChick said...

Btw, that Anonymous comment was me. :-) Ha.