Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Housebound During Ida?

Not so much or desperately!
Either way after 24 hours of constant down pour and my endless efforts to entertain our seven month old the walls began closing in and that stuffy feeling I get from being indoors too long was very present. I checked the radar for a weather window and when there was none in sight for another 24 hours I decided to get Finley and I bundled up in my rain gear to venture out into the heavy rains to comb the drive way and back lawn to collect pecans. It was not a cold rain so it was quite pleasant.

Fin & I a little soggy but happy

This is the trunk of one of our Pecan trees. The other Pecan tree is in the background. Our house was built in 1910 on property that was a pecan grove at one time. Our neighbourhood is full of pecan trees.

One of our neighbours posted this sign on their tree.

Hunting for pecans was like an Easter egg hunt! Thanks to the help of winds of up to 46 MPH over night the pecans were falling rapidly and due to the rains (only 7.5 inches in two days) the squirrels were no where to be found so there was no competition in the collection of the tasty nuts.
Pecan trees only make nuts every other year. This year the harvest has been great and the tree is still full of nuts. Pecans grow in a husk and when ripe they fall out of the husk onto the ground.

They look like this when we collect them:

So far we have collected about 600 nuts.
In pounds that's not a whole least a couple of pies full!

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Erin said...

I'm jealous. Not of the weather (although is it weird to think that big storms are a little bit fun?) but of your nuts. Wait, that didn't sound right.