Thursday, November 5, 2009

Giving Up The Boobies

Are you still breastfeeding?
I know! Fin is a very healthy baby towering into the 97th percentile for height and she is home grown on Mother Ship's milk.
That's some super caloric milk!

It's time to introduce solids.
Please child will you eat some solids?

We have been feeding Finley solids since the 4th of October. I will use the verb feeding loosely as she acts as though we are poisoning her. Every day we sit Finley in her high chair to go through the motions of eating food. Leading by example, we make our meals and sit to eat with her. Fin is curious enough about the food, she reaches for fingerlings of toast puts it to her mouth, slobbers all over it, then drops it over the side of the tray for the dog who is anxiously waiting for the bounty to fall. (I really must add a recurring segment to this blog accounting for the wee dog's weight gain by consequence of highchair droppings.)

Fin bangs her cup on the tray, chews the spout but has yet to drink. Keep in mind this is the child WHO NEVER TOOK A BOTTLE. We spoon food into her mouth, she opens her mouth takes in the delicious offering then sprays us with food. Maybe she doesn't like the texture of pureed food?

I have bought only organic cereals, and veggies to make her first foods as pure and delicious as possible. I've tried her on Baby Mum Mums just to see if she had the chew and swallow capability. Guess what? She does, she just prefers the boobies.

I love nursing, its such a nice quiet time for us. Not to mention it's the best weight-loss program I have ever been party to! However, I am restricted in personal time to Finley's feeding schedule. This week I wanted to take a course being offered by Duke Integrative Medicine, but, I couldn't because I can't leave Finley as she is dependant on the boobies.

Yes, I will miss nursing her when she makes the transition to food, but, for now I anticipate the freedom weaning will bring even if its just a few feeds a day.


Erin said...

I can't help but say that this is probably your fault. Maybe if your sweet nectar of life wasn't so tasty. (And I'm going to back away slowly, since this just got weird...)

Hang in there. She'll catch on.

jen sammon said...

I sobbed when Wyatt took his first bottle, cried when he ate his first spoonful of cereal, and hated the fact that he loved his veggies and fruit... for him, it was a huge accomplishment, for me, it meant I was no longer his "everything".. I needed to reevaluate my purpose, once again, and figure out what it would be like to be his "mom" without being his 24 hour booby call! We loved our boob time...
I learned, slowly to laugh at his food antics, enjoy the time we spent together "eating" (ha! So messy). I even learned to enjoy some "me time" again.
Though it was difficult at first, it became easier, even enjoyable. You will make it through too - it will not be without tears and trepedation, but you will manage. Delight in the new developments and embrace the new's gone before you know it and you'll be like your silly old cousin, just crying over the memories. Hugs, jen

Twwly said...

Have you considered baby led solids?

It really worked well for us, both kids.

Most of food at that age is just exploration, let them play! Soft broccoli trees, chunks of mango. They have great time and it gives YOU more time.

ShanRock said...

boobies rock

Baby BEE and Me said...

the good 'ol boobie dayzzz... Bee's been off for 2 1/2 months was really tough for several nights.... now she looks at them with a have have we met before(?) face.

Earth To Mother Ship said...
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Earth To Mother Ship said...

I have done some reading on baby led feeding and I think our instincts were already taking us down that road. We are opposed to prepackaged conviniece meals marketed for babies and kids. We have been offering her fruits and veggies from our plates - but - I was whizzing them to a pureee. I will leave them in their organic state and see how she does!

It's good to let her find food as she develops an interest. Last night she went to town on a teething cookie then screached in frustration because she "lost" the cookie. It was stuck to her head! Man I laughed!

Thanks to everyone for your anecdotes and feedback - it helps me a lot!

lagunatic said...

BANANAS!!! No, I'm not saying you're crazy,,,I'm saying if you want her to eat "real" food (breast milk is as real as it gets as my deflated icing bags can surely testify) just offer her some little morsels of bananas. Yum. Soon, she'll be almost two running around saying "Nanana, mommmiieee" to which you'll reply, 'Oh, you want a banana?" and she'll respond, " way! I just wanted to let you know that I think YOU'RE in nuts! Man, mom...get a clue!"
You'll sigh, pat her little head and go grab some more Xanax. ;)

Anonymous said...

From my experience, baby's just know what's good..
Have you tried blending fruits with avocado?
Something that may interest you, I've read that babies' bodies before they have teeth, do not send a signal to the stomach to digest grains.