Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Family Who SKATES Together Stays Together

We added a new member to our family this week.... A SKATEBOARD! Seriously. Steve has to park his car a good mile from the entrance to the door at work. The hospital does provide buses which Steve will take on occasion but he prefers to walk if the weather permits. Steve arrived home from work the other night to tell me about a woman he worked with who skateboards from her car and of course he had to give the board a try. I think I'm going to get a skateboard he tells me. Super, I told him he could park it beside the thousand dollar road bike in our front entrance -which I've nick named the "hallway bike." I dust the darn thing like it's an art installation - it's been ridden ONCE when Steve was going to train to do triathlons. That was a year ago. Or he could park it with the kayaks they get about as much use as the bike. Okay skater boy - are you going to wear a helmet and wrist guards while you skate to the EMERGENCY Department where you work? He gave me a look and asked why I was making fun of him.

The Skater Family

This is Mother Ship about to pull an Ollie.

A gratuitous cute pic of Finley Mae

I'm walking with the stroller and Hubs is skating ahead.

How cute is he?

This is Steve POSING for a pic. Ha-hah Burn.

The very next day we headed to FUSION and Steve got all set up with a new skateboard. I have to admit I have a thing for skater boys - I always have! The skateboard has already seen more action than the kayaks and the road bike combined. I guess it's here to stay. So as Steve and I skate our way through the end of our thirties Finley will begin her first year grinding her pack and play and studying old school Tony Hawk videos. RAD!

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Lagunatic said...

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, hubs is going to have to grow his hair out and buy some Sun-In. Maybe you should start stalking the local empty pools :D